Two and a Half Men Finale

Okay where even do I start?!?! It took me a few days to even comprehend this crap fest of a final episode! Complete garbage. I can’t believe I wasted an hr of my life watching this! And trust me I have been know to watch some.. Questionable tv.. I thought after a few days I wouldn’t feel the same but nope it’s even worst thinking about it now.

Okay, Two and a Half Men were on for 12 years! 12 yrs is a long time. 4 yrs ago was he whole epic everything with Charlie Sheen. They really should have ended the show then. 8yrs still a long time. But noooo they didn’t and brought in Ashton Kutcher. When it first started with Pune Charlie Sheen I hated it. It has gotten better the last 4 yrs or maybe I just got used to it…
Well, this last season was all about the kid. Louis. Bring in about half the last season..

Which he wasn’t even on the last episode! Really!! Actually the last episode had NOTHING to do with the last season. It was just plan stupid. All the lil jokes about the show, all the digs at Charlie Sheen, and the animated section!


Let’s talk about this animated section for just a min. So you couldn’t get Charlie Sheen to actually come on for the final episode so… You animated him and make it hella lame! Stupid! Just stupid!
They did get Jake to come. That was alright. Minus the stops jokes. By he had some issues with in the last few years so it was nice to see him back. And all his different ness since he hasn’t been on.

I know a lot of ppl where only watching to see Charlie Sheen. I Knew he wasn’t gonna be on. Because 12 hrs before the episode Sheen tweeted this:

Which is awesome cause I love love loveee the Goldbergs. Loveee

Yet me still knowing he wasn’t gonna be on I still watched and really was a waste. I feel like Chuck Lorre is a major douche and and I feel all the crazy antics that went down 4 yrs ago with Sheen were valid. I feel like this last episode was just all trying to be an eff you to sheen but it just turned into making Check Lorre look bad… Way bad! Just because he couldn’t get Sheen to come on.. It was just plan awful!


Charlie Sheen… #WINNING


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