24 days til Vegas Time :)

With the yesterday I had….. Pretty much my day :/  I sooo needed to think of something positive. And what is more positive than VEGAS! I love love love VEGAS!!I was gonna write about 25 days…but life did not let me…. 

24 days will be here in no time! Vegas Vegas Vegas Baby!!! 

I still have yet to book my flights…. Eeekk. I will WILL be booking them on Saturday. I usually already am booked by this time. Here’s to hoping prices haven’t gone up to very much. Last time I looked. A few weeks back when Billy booked his, it was $92 ea way. Not to bad at all. Fingers are crossed it will be the same in two days. Also that I am on the same flight as Billy. Haha… That would kinda suck!!! Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!!! 

So, yes Billy’s flight has been booked and the rooms for Mon-Tues-Wed at…. I am sooo freakin excited Tresure Island!!! 

Ti yippee Yippeee yippee!!! It is on my list of places I wanna stay yet haven’t. And now I will 🙂 

Now I’ve really gotta start thinkin about Thurs and Fri nites. 

When I blogged at 34 days I had my lists of to dos and wanna dos. All still a yes. Plus I just might add a few news things 🙂

Well I guess I better get up and start this day. It’s Friday! Let’s hope for a better day… Please please please. 


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