March is my month. March is my birthday. All month long I gets ta celabrate. My annual 23rd of course. This year this March has started off not the best… Not the worst but, doesn’t seem like my March:/ I had to have some major tests done the other day. Put to sleep and all that jazz…. Really looking forward to a time my stomach doesn’t hate me. So we are finding out what is wrong with me… Other than the just Jessica ness I am. Well, they found out I have a ulcer and they biopsied two polps… And now we wait on results. Yay right… No not yay… 

An ulcer really who woulda thunk it… Me stress hahaha…, ohh yes I stress…. I wish I could just not but that just doesn’t happen. 


8 days til my birthday 🙂 

9 days til the Leprechaun Crawl 🙂

18 days til VEGAS!!!!!!!

Vegas Vegas I’m sooo excited! I really need it. Relaxing me time while Billy’s at the show… Vegas is soooo needed!

I better get to gettin. It’s not even. 5am but I gots sooo much to do. I going on a field trip with Coop today. Have to get the house picked up before hand. And still hand to go check on Harrahs and Boomtown. Tomorrow I’ll be at Harrahs all day!!! We have six new games comin in. More games hopfully means more $$. 

Happy Thursday 🙂 I’m gonna keep smiling… I have to I have no choice 🙂


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