Coops field trip 

Cooper has been begging and begging me to go on a field trip with him all year. It’s always either something major going on or I’m out of town or a whole back I went and the bus never showed up. Which ment they didn’t even get to go. So, this field trip came around and I told him yes yes I’ll go. The only thing is I had no info whatsoever…. Other than it’s at 9:30am be at the school for the bus.

I get there at about 10 after 9.  All 70+ because it’s all three 4th grade classes go to the buses. It really has been a while since I have been on a school bus…. 

All.the.way to Carson City the kids screamed (singed) Uptown Funk! I will never hear that song the same again!!

Coop didn’t even sit with me on the bus…. I let him do his thing. All these kids just -Cooper-Cooper-Cooper- 

Went to the Capitial building, Legislature building, Senate, and all that. The kids really had a great time. Cooper is soo smart. Soo like his dad. Asking questions and so involved. Asking questions that shock and surprise the tour ppl. They would say ‘What a good question, ppl let saline kids don’t normally ask or even notice those kinda things’ yep such a smart cookie that boy is. 

I guess there was some big story about the painting of Abe Lincoln. Yet every tour guide would say id tell you be the next person would be upset. Then the kids would ask the next and he wold know a thing about it… So I dunno haha. 

I let Coop just do his own thing.

Billy woulda loved it, minus ALL the kids. Haha. But it was way neat. Cooper had a blast and learned at the same time. 

Even thou I had to ride the bus and hear ALL the screaming I’m glad I went! 


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