Tuesday/Wednesday… What ever day it is…

Ohh man! I have had such a busy few days… Is it really only Tuesday?!?! 

Between doctors appt, work, kids, my mother, and … Life….. It has seen like days… Weeks… longer!! 

*** so yes I started this yesterday… When it in fact was still Tuesday***

It is no longer Tuesday, but I didn’t feel like deleting it all ha haha. And I like the pic…

So yeah it’s been a week so far. My birthday week shouldnt be so hectic crazy, yet it is…. 

It’s is now Wednesday Hump Day Mid week! It is Wednesday so it’s mommas date. I do got lots to do today but tonite when Coop has his acting class William and I go to mommas date. Yummy I get an amazing cocktail! Much needed! Every Wed….. 

With everything I’ve gotta do I still need to get ready for Vegas. I of course have to get Billy and my stuff ready. But I also have to have all the boys stuff ready and easy to get to. Cloths/bath/food/etc. yes I know it’s still a week an a half til but I gots lots to do. Wait wait waitttt just a week and a half to VEGAS!!!! Ohhh yayyyy!!! 

I do have a countdown list I will really try to blog that today as well. Of my list/countdown this month. It definitely needed it’s own blog 🙂 

Well I better get to gettin. I gotta get William out of the bath and finish getting him ready for school.  Ohh this time change is killin me!!

Happy Wednesday…


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