My March countdown… Ending in VEGAS!

Today is my last day of being *23* and tomorrow I will be… Ohh wait for it… *23*  I can’t believe it!!! Where really is the time going. 

Mar 13- Yes tomorrow is my birthday. And yes it is Friday the 13th. I was born on Friday the  13th. So it’s kinda cool.

I was supposed to work the door Friday (on my bday) but switch with LaLa soo yay… Gonna do drinks at PepperMill with one of Billy’s supervisors. And the boys ate staing the nite at the in-laws. 

Mar 14- TheLeprechaun Crawl. Love the crawls. Last yr I was on crutches and it was pretty much one if the first times out since my surgery. So we stayed at 5 Star and got a bottle comped for my bday. Fun times but not the same as crawlin. 

Mar 19- Insurgent. It’s crazy how many times I have gone to the theater to see a movie already this year. Wayyy more times than all last year. But new movie I NEED to see 🙂 excited to see Insurgent. I of course had to read the book before I see the movie. I started it on Sunday. Been wayyy busy so I have yet to finish it. Pretty close to being finished thou. I will be done by the 19th… I prob will be done today/tomorrow. I love to read. I have set myself a lil goal. Read at least two books a month this year and blog at least ten blogs this year. Both have been great so far. It is now March. Third month in and I have done just that read and blogged. Perfect 🙂

Mar 20- I will be workin the door at 5 Star. Seems like forever since I have. I went from working every single Friday for Months to… Well I haven’t in like 3 weeks! Feels weird not haha. 10-3am I will be there. 

Mar 21- Wine walk… I enjoy working the wine walks it’s fun. Of course love participating in the walks as well but fun times working. I am gonna be tired thou… Working door til 3am then back for the walk by 1pm. All good thou. All good! 

Alright alright.. The whole reason for my countdown. The whole reason I love March. Ohh just the whole reason for reasons…

Mar 23-28th- VEGAS!!!! Vegas Baby!! Ohh Vegas… how I love  you Vegas. I have major awesomeness planned as always. Things I do every year and things that are all new. There is sooo much to do in Vegas. It’s nice that we go every year yet can do new things each time.  The only thing that’s kinda up in the air right now is Thurs nite… I as of now do not have a room booked.. Eeekkk…. I know! Atlantis is paying for the week. I got Fri comped.. That still leaves Thurs! Oh my gosh 11days and I don’t have that room! Yikes yikes yikes. I will get it worked out. I will!!! 


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