#tbt Piece of Me

I dont often do tbt, throw back Thursdays. But I feel like this is needed! Since it’s just about Vegas time for me…

Back in Oct ’14. Billy, the boys and I went on a lil vaca. Napa, SF, SoCa, Vegas and home. We saw lots of Billy’s family and did some great things. We don’t want the boys growing up and not getting to experiencing things. 

So, we were just going they Vegas because we went to Hoover Dam. And and this was one of the few time I was in Vwgad and Britney Piece of Me was!!! When we go to Vegas in March it is ALWAYS when she is on a break! I sooo badly sooo needed to see this show. Well, we got the cheapest tickets just to be there. It was gonna be both boys first concert… We get there early, cause it’s what I do, get in to our seats. Which were the very back row… But all was fantastic I was there and was gonna see Piece if Me 🙂 we were only seating there a few minutes. And this lady who worked there came to us and asked if we were BIG Britney fans. Billy pointed to me and said I was Britney Crazy… Which yep that’s 100% true. I sooo am 🙂 Then she asked if we wanted to get upgraded to front row in the pit! Are you frickin kidding me that was the biggest frickin YES!!!!!!

The boys first concert and it’s Britney and we got upgraded to front row… Amazingness!!!!!

Ohhhh this was soooo amazing!

This was such an experince that I will never forget. I was with Billy and my boys and… Ohhh it was amazing. This close to the stage was auhmazing

There was one lil issue… But it got taken care of right away. There was this drunk chick! Like way wayyyy drunk that was hitting on William. Yep you heard that right hitting on William. My 12yr old Autism son. I was none to happy as you can imagine. Well, Bly ended up having to take him and Coop to sit for a lil but to get away from her and she ended up getting drug out by security. Haha crazy bitches!!!! 

Other than that lil thing! Pure amazingness:) 

 http://youtu.be/itpnQYkRPGw          my clips

Sucky that she won’t be there next week. But I will always have this :)))))


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