Birthday weekend

I first have to start this blog by saying what an amazing wonderful hubby I have…. Billy you are my everything! I am nothing without you! Thank you for just EVERYTHING…. I really don’t deserve you and everything you provide for me. You are my everything and I love you!!! 

I truly am lucky I pretty much celebrate my birthday my ‘anual 23rd birthday’ all month long. Fun, busy, crazy ness all month. #MarchIsMyMonth 

Friday was my birthday… Friday the 13th. I was actually born on Friday the 13th. Usually always a good day any and all Friday the 13th. This year started a lil rocky! William was up all Tbursday nite with seizures. Which meant I was up all nite with him. My poor baby. Between Thursday nite and til about 1:pm Friday he had about 35 seizures :/ He was pretty out if it but still tried to smile and be a happy boy. He knew he was staying to nite with my in-laws and still wanted to. The in- laws are great and know how to take care of him. And insisted we still went with the bday plans we had set. 

During the day Friday Billy took me to Stingray tattoo. They were having piercing deals for Friday the 13th just like tattoo specials.  $13 a piercing….. What what!!!! I had to be there. I’m just a lil… How do you say addicted to piercings. Love them. A lil weird! I love the pain…. (I will do a whole blog about it) but I gots my conch pierced!!!! 

I love it!!!! Billy is a lil baby about needles.., haha so him and William stayed in the car while I went it and put another hole in my head 🙂 

Then Billi had to go to his parents and build a fence!!! It blew over a few weeks back. So William an I went home and waited til Cooper got home from school. Then I drove both boys out to Cold Springs to the inlaws. William was sooo happy to be there staying the nite 🙂 It made me feel a lil better. He hadn’t had a seizure in a few hours and was happy. For my bday the inlaws gave me $$ and gift card to Outback. So out back fir did din was what it will be. We had 8pm dinner time set!

Got a txt from a friend to come by Spice…. It was the only ‘club’ in town we hadn’t been to so… Fun times fun times 😉

I can’t remember the last time we had been to Outback. Holy moly sooo yummy!!!


Then met some friends at the Peppermill. Fireside lounge. I’ve only been there meeting models and what not. While they were not open. Billy’s supervisor Maria and hubby go and said the fish bowl drinks are yummy and we had ta go. Met them there and drank the nite away :))))

And Yippeee…. Bree and Nick came!!!! Always sooo berry excited to se them. Don’t get to see them often enough. 

This drunk chick was freakin out about our drinks. Kept saying ‘Marie’/Bree was paying for EVERYTHING with her $$$s and calling Billy and Nick Milly and Dick. So we had the Adventures of Dick and Millie controlled by Marie….  Ohhh what fun time fun times :))))

Ohhh got to actually sleep in a lil Sat morning… Well for me. I was up by 7am. Got boxes delivered the day before 

So had to go thru all that. Always something… Always something!

Billy got contacted by a guy that brings his kids to the Atlantis fun center. Said everytime he goes ALL the games are up. Well yeah Billy fixed them of course everything is up!! Well the guy has a game at home that’s giving him issues and asked if Billy would come by and look at it. Of course Billy agreed. Ohh man this dudes house was the most beautiful house I have ever seen !!! No words can express… Well within the first few mins Billy knew what was wrong and explained everything to the guy and the game was up and running perfect. He was gonna pay Billy but Billy wouldn’t… Well he owned the Silver Peak and said anytime we wanna eat he will comp it for us. So score that was worth it. 

Then met my father in law at the Nevada baseball game. Billys been trying to get me to go. I don’t care for. Baseball. I need one of two things… Or both 😉 my book/ drinks! 

So I went…. I love my Billy!! But I did get to sit in the beautiful sun and finish Insurgent!!! 

Then went to the inlaws for dinner. William was much better still a lil out of it but better. All smiles. He got to spend the day with grandma. The boys get a lot of one on one with grandpa but grandma usually works. So they were wayyyy happy. My boys are happy it makes me happy 🙂 

Now, for the Leperchaun Crawl! 

Love the crawls…..

Met up with friends…. Lost friends…. Missed friends…. 

Didn’t get as many pics as is like… Well do I ever! 

I normally have a plan! U plan everything. This weekend I didn’t have a plan just went with the flow and we had sooo much fun!! Was funny cause when Shannon asked what I had planned I told him I dunno really! He was like Wait What… You always have a plan. Out of all his friends I am the one that ALWAYS had a plan. Which is sooo true. But I thought this year what every what ever!! And it was school a fun great weekend 🙂

Yesterday Billy had to work…. Effin late :/ Like he has been all week :/ 

William was still out of it. Never has he lasted this long. So we spent the day in mommys bed. Sadly I had to even cancel wine deco :/ I’ve NEVER cAncelled wine deco… William wasn’t talking well or even walking good and I felt bad for my bday weekend. So we stayed in mommys bed and watched movies. 

So, now I gots soooo much ta do!! One week til Vegas!!!! Eeekkkk…. 


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