Ran out of gas :/

I gave gone this long with never running out of gas….. Billy has a handful of times. But me myself nope!

So, Billy got home from work. We had to run out to Boomtown and fill the games there and to Harrahs and fill/fix some. My car is still not working… Man it has been 4 months without my car :/ but that’s a whole different subject. Anyways, we filled Billy’s car with all the product and went to Boomtown. Every and all signs saw the fun center is open til 9pm weeknightz. Every nite we go after 6pm they are closed. This was about 7:30…. I didn’t think there was anyway they’d be open. Billy rushed out there. We were close they were just starting to shut the gates. Made it perfect timing. Did all we needed and left. Billy said we need gas. Okay.

He starts getting off the freeway at our exit. Not the exit we need to get off at. I ask what he is doin… He said ‘we are running out if gas… Don’t you feel the car puttering?!?!’ And then we were dead!! Billy is laughing… Thinking it’s just sooo funny! Me not so much!! And we have to walk!!! I am not in walking shoes at all! Billy said I’m the one that doesn’t like to get gas at Boomtown. But if I knew we were that low on gas….. And there were how many other gas stations!!! Urghhh!!!

Walking home to get the truck to get gas was not my favorite!!!! Running out of gas not my favorite!! Billy thinking it’s just oh sooo funny not my favorite!! Putting in fb that we ran out of gas and having no friend even…. Not my favorite!!! Tim called Billy just after we got gas, thank you Tim….. 


I had this weird feeling all day yesterday. A feeling like something was gonna happen… Maybe this was the reason! Maybe not! 

Here’s to another day….


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