March bookstore Haul

My last bookstore haul was the end January. Seems like forever ago…. Ohh I’ve been to my bookstore since and have gotten a book here and there. Jessica Lubs books!! And looky looky what I gots today :)


I’ll start with 


Her real story… It says. Love mr some old Hollywood and excited to add to my collection . 

My Sister Marilyn and.                    The Last Days

AlwYs ways excited when I get a Marilyn Book that I don’t have. I have sooo many. Sadest is that when I got home….

Realized I did have The Last Days. Just in hard cover and with a different cover…. But buttt different cover and hard will = different to meeee…. 

Spellbound and Heat of the Night

2 Sylvia Day books!!! Yayyy… Love her books. Love the Bared to you series. The only thing with these two are they are 150-170 pages… Only haha. Very very fast reads. For me at least. All is good tho. And only $1.99 ea.

Alright alright now for the last two.

I have seen both these movies already. And since I have wanted to read the books. We all know I like reading the books first. #BooksAreAlwaysBetterThenTheMovieBut I have seen these movies first. Let’s start with

The Fault in our Stars

Okay, this movie I cried and cried my eyes out! It was such a movie. From the moment I saw it I just knew if the movie is this good I have to read the book . I have to have the real book feeling. Been looking at my bookstore… Sold out. Looming on Amazon $15-20… Yikes.  Today was the day I found it and for only $7.,. Happy happy me!!!! I better be prepared to cry… I better 🙂

And lastly 

Gone Girl

This movie…. How do I explain this… Pretty fucked up! This was one of those movies you are done watching it and sitting there like… Huhhh…. So immediately I needed the book. Definitely needed !!!! I actually hadn’t started searching for it yet. But when I saw it today it was a definite YES! It was $12 a lil more than I like to spend but… I sooo needed to read this book! And really $12  is pretty good, it really is. This had ta def be the first for me to read. I started it today….. 

Yep yep started Gone Gorl with a glass of cab in the bath… Heaven!!!!! 

Ohh me loves me some books!!!!

Yes yes this was def a good book haul:)  Like I said the last one was the end of Jan. Might just have ta make this a regulars thing on here. Then of course I write separate blogs about separate books. Funtimes… Love me books.

I got 2 books free cause of this guy 😉

So this haul , I paid $1.99 ea Silvia Day books (2), The Fault in our Stars $7, Gone Girl $12, The Last Days of Marilyn .99, My Sister Marilyn -free- and Audrey – free- 







=$24 What a steal!!!!! Yippee

I love books I love reading. I have this like deal with myself. To read at least 2 books every month this year. I have stayed on track+ this far 🙂


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