VEGAS Countdown!!



Haha! Yep the countdown is on!!! 

Of course by the time I finish this blog and post this the time will be changed buttt…. As of right this min… 2 days, 15 hours, 33 mins, and 53 seconds!! 

Yeppers the flight leaves at 9:50 am. We are gonna drive to the Atlantis and take the shuffle to the airport. Because if course Bolly has ta do some final work on his work comp before we leave. No worries that just means we won’t have ta ask a friend or take a cab Mon morning 🙂

I still am not even close to being ready either . I did laundry all day today and still have more ta do. Because not only do I have ta have Billy and my cloths ready. I also have ta have the boys ready. All there stuff together and ready for school. Then all ready for the end of the week ready for them to go to my in laws. I just will feel better having everything set and ready for them. Don’t want anyone having to search for anything for the boys… I know where everything is so it’s just better to have it all out and ready 🙂 

And Billy never packs his own.. Anything.. Which also  is veryyy convinte for him if I happen to forget something… Haha. Ohh and I do forget things from time to time. Try not to since I have lists of everything and check off and so one but. Do forget things. But come on getting everything got everyone ready! 

Ohhh I do have sooo much to do… And I work tonite and wine walk tomorrow …. And I really really don’t wanna get to Vegas tired! I hope to get a lil sleep soon haha. Sundays finishing getting ready and gettin to bed early… I know forsure I won’t be getting much sleep in Vegas…. I mean come on it’s VEGAS BABY!


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