Sugar Factory @ Paris GONE




With me gonna be in Vegas tomorrow I’m bummin… 

I have been hearing for the last month rumors. Some ppl saying no just the candy shop closed. Others saying the whole restaurant and shop closed…. 

First I saw it on VegasChatter. And TripAdvisor. They just did this whole expansion in Dec. I was there in Oct. And have friends that were there last month. It is ALWAYS packed why?!?! 


The boys loved it in Oct. Every Vegas trip it is a must!  Bringing the boys in Oct was no different. 

Why they would close this at such a prime location is beyond me! It is a lil pricey, but where isn’t on the Stip in Vegas… And yes the 4% concession fee was a lil bogus. But come on Ioveeee!!! Like I said it’s always packed, it’s prime location, yummy food, auhmazing drinks, , and celebs are always there!!! Boo booo booo bummed bummed!

So, I have been searching trying to find out if this is forsure or not. At it no longer has Las Vegas as a restaurant. And the only store locations in Vegas are MGM and Planet Hollywood. At least there still are store locations because I HAVE to get: 


It is a necessity in my life haha. I already have: 


But it just has the Britney Sticker. I need one with the whole Britney Box 🙂 

But anyways back to my lil rant haha. I have been searching trying to see what I can find on Sugar Factory. Like I said their website no longer has Vegas as a restaurant and I kept seeing ‘Hexx’ coming up so I of course had to google Hexx and Sugar Factory. And surprisingly I finally found some answers. 

Hexx Kitchen & Bar Finally and slowly takes over Sugar Factory. 


Yet to be officially announced, the 30,000-square-foot restaurant is enhanced by a patio facing the Bellagio fountains and an open-plan “chocolate factory,” where visitors can watch the Hexx chocolate-making process.

Described as “a distinctive new dining experience through a combination of cuisine, retail and chocolate,” it replaces the cuisine, retail and candy experience of the Sugar Factory American Brasserie, which debuted to much fanfare 2011.

While Sugar Factory hired celebrities like the Kardashian family to promote their wares, Silverman currently lacks famous endorsers, but offers “Las Vegas Strip’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory where the venue’s very own brand of chocolate is made and sold on-site.” His culinary resume includes time with Wolfgang Puck, locals Roadrunner Saloon and the Vintner Grill Strip inside the Neiman Marcus store at the Fashion Show Mall. This will be his first fully committed venture into the world of chocolate. As of opening weekend, his new creations were not yet on display for customers to sample.

While guests dine and shop, construction continues, revealing a color scheme of cream, light and dark browns and plain, undecorated walls. Temporary vinyl banners are placed above the entrances.

The current dinner menu is exactly the same as the former Sugar Factory dinner menu created by their executive chef Matthew Piekarski, featuring comfort foods like chicken fingers, mini burgers, spicy jambalaya and turkey pot pie. The menu is touted as eventually morphing into a mood of “upscale, yet approachable, by focusing on quality-sourced ingredients and products made from scratch.”

Well I guess I found my answers. But loveeee Sugar Factory:/ And bummed cause I WILL BE IN VEGAS TOMORROW. 


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