The ‘search’

Sadly came to an end yesterday….  


Anyone and everyone that knows me knows I absolutely LOVE the slot machine The Hangover.  


It of course is based on The Hangover movie. It’s fun and I actually win (sometimes Haha)  I put a coule bucking in at EVERY casino I see it:) It’s also kinda fun finding them at every casino. I’m weird I know… Haha.. I’m just Jessica πŸ˜‰ Well this came out in 2011. Premiered in Vegas … of course… It’s based in the 1st Hangover 2009. The best by far. Just a really fun slot. A progressive slot machine. Which is what I like. Something fun not just pushing a button and watching numbers roll by. 

I don’t gamble much. Like I said put a few bucks in here and there. I do prob a bit more in Vegas because… Come on it’s Vegas!!! 

Well well back to ‘The Search’…. 

Monday at the airport up in the truminal just before getting on our flight to Vegas I saw this…… 


WHAT!!!! A new version The Hangover Pretty Awesome!!! I was pretty excited! If it’s here in a Reno airport. It has to be EVERYWHERE In Vegas! How can it not! Q

Well, as I posted on Facebook yesterday… I must have be murdered by crystal meth tweeters… Cause I was shit out of luck:/ (quote from the movie… I’m use quotes… Expecially in Vegas… Haha) yesterday Bit and I walked the strip.. Casino to casino… And no new Pretty Awesome it:/  I searched.. No where to be seen. I never thought in a million years it wouldn’t be in Vegas :/ pretty sad face Jessica… I had to at least find the old version everywhere. Made me feel. Lil better but come on…. But said igt… Who made the slots… Is a Reno based company and maybe it’s just on a test to see how it does.. But you can’t even get to it unless you already have a boarding pass… Boo just boooo haha. 

I of course had to do a lil searching and find some info. It’s all over the igt website. The Wolf Pack is back… 

I just wanna play it!!!! Haha. 

But the search was fun πŸ™‚

I got up this morning and went down to get coffee. I had a ticket from last nite while I was playing with only $3 on it. Sat at The Flintstones slot. Pressed the spin twice and boom…. 


This is what I like! This is fun! Haha. This is what The Hangover did to get me hooked πŸ™‚ 

I love Vegas πŸ™‚ 


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