Easter Egg Deco

Coloring Easter Eggs is always fun fun. Boys love it I love it all is fun. 

We colored eggs last week. In between Autistic and Epilepsy breakdowns! Yay is fun!!!!   

Look at those smiles thou… You’d Never know… He he 

Alrighty…. Each boy got to pick out there own egg color kit. Then I… I saw something on Pinterest that I just had to try!!!! More on that in just a bit. 

Coloring eggs 

             Love my boys 

   So, on Pinterest. There has been these tie dye nail thingy going around. Water, pour different polishes in the water and dip your nail in and it makes a tie dye pattern. Well I saw it for eggs. Soooo I just had to try. Earlier that day I got my nails did… So yay that lasted about 2 hrs haha. But this was all worth it cause it was pretty fun 🙂


             Turned out hella cute. 

Ohhh and the photobomb. Ohh coop haha. 

Soo much fun. Might have ta add the nail polish tie dyed eggs every yr. Might have to add some new pretty colors.  



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