Happy Easter

The Easter weekend started with the Easter Bunny at the The Atlantis. Brunch with the Easter Bunny. Thank you Atlantis and Wild. 


Ohhh my boys are getting soo big. I remember they were soo tiny lil. Now just so big. Where does the time go:/ 

We had brunch, pancakes and jelly beans. And played games.  

     We were there for quite a few hrs. Billy was working til after the Easyer Bunny so we just came with and played games. William by the end had to much fun haha.  

 Billy took Coop to the Nevada baseball game. William needed a nap from to much fun. With just an hr and a half or so nap I think it made him wayyy out if it. He has had a rough week and today was no different. But the Easter weekend continued. 

We went out the the inlaws for dinner. They gave the boys cute l baskets. πŸ™‚  


       Bedtime was early for the boys. Not the Easter Bunny thou. I remember the days I could go shopping either Easter, Christmas which ever holiday with the boys and they know no different. Yep things have changed!! But I still got everything done!! And all before Midnite. Not much earlier but it was done πŸ™‚ 

All William has been talking about is that the Easter Bunny will bring him a basketball. Coop wanted Wii U Remote plus controllers. That have different Charaters on them. 

How the Eastwr Bunny knows us beyond me πŸ˜‰ 

   Both boys were soo happy πŸ™‚ Which makes me a happy happy momma. My moms all it’s not Christmas it’s just Easter! And yeah soooo!! They still got lots-o-lots of Candy. But they get what the want too. They always get a movie and a toy. This year was not different. William got Bolt and Cooper didn’t actually get a movie he got a Wii U game. William got his basketball and Cooper got the controller. I don’t think I actually go over board. 

Then the Easter egg hunt πŸ™‚ 

     A fun time searching for eggs the Easter Bunny hid . William gets soo excited when he finds an egg. Cooper is so great helps William and just a sweet sweet brother. 

( check out the next blog for egg deco) 

We them just spent the day together. Family time. Billy had the day off yippee. Coop and I played video games. Watched movies. Boys played basketball. I cooked a big dinner that no one ate… Haha. Yummy food for today so no worries. It was just a nice fun relaxing day. 

Billy and I said no arcades! Yeah that an almost worked out!! 7:30-8pm we got a call. The kiosk wasn’t taking $$ and the puck was stuck in air hockey at Harrahs :/ boooo had to run and fix those…. Since we already had to go out we ran to Boomtown just to see what I need to bring out the next day. Glad we did to cause both my major prize game won.. A lot. A tablet, 3ds, minecraft figure and speakers. Wowzers! So I gots ta replace all that and plush in all cranes. 

We, over all a very fun nice Easter weekend πŸ™‚ Hope everyone else had a good weekend. And now it’s Monday..


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