Mermaid! Mermaid! 

So when I get ready to go to Vegas every March I try and schedule… (Well normally schedule everything, every day, every nite) this last trip was kinda no different. I had things I wanted to do and thing I HAD to do. But I tried to let things just happen as well every single second wasn’t planned. Was hard for me haha. But fun fun. 

There was this one thing I HAD to do. 

See Mermaids! 


Yeppp yepppp see Mermaids!!!! I saw on line there is a casino in Vegas that isn’t on the Strip but have mermaids. This was a definite I had had to see. A childhood dream come true.I Iove mermaids. When I was little I always wanted to BE a mermaid. Loved the Little Mermaid movie and just thought it was the coolest thing. 

When I was doing my research I couldn’t  find times the the Mermaids actually were there at the Silverton. We were in Vegas Mon-Sat Had ta be during that time at some point right ?!?! 

We went in Tues.  

 There’s a Mermaid resturant & lounge.  

 With a huge tank with fish. We waited a bit and nothing. So I asked the bartender when the Mermaids swam. Of course just Thurs-Sun starting at 2:15 for a half hr every hr. So yes of course not 1pm ish on a Tues haha. No worries thou Friday day I hadn’t had major plans set. 

So we went back on Friday.  Had such an auhmazing experince! Had my childhood dreams come true!!  

         There were kids like crazy watching. What I would have giving to see this as a kid. Wow!  

   Made my day. Sooo sooo excited I found out about this. Silverton Casino is about 18 miles off the strip. Sooo happy we had a car do I was able to go 🙂  

             I’m impresse. She had tubes she could get air from when needed and there was a diver down just In case. But I was truly impressed 🙂  

 And with a kiss goodbye. She was down for 30 minutes. 30 amazing minutes that truly impressed me. Thank you to Billy for bringing me and letting me experince this. It was truly awesome. If anyone is looking for things to do in Vegas this should be on your list. Like I said it isn’t on the Strip but well well worth it 😉

After the show we had the best shrimp  Ceaser sald ever. 


 A great resturant really good. And crazy but on Tues when we first went and I talked to the bartender, then on Fri when when we went back, the bartender remembered me. He’s all ‘ohh you did come back’ remembered mr drink and everything 🙂 Yummy vodka mmmmmm. 

As we were eating I instagramed a pic if the mermaid and hashtags everything as I do…. The actually fricking mermaid write me!!!! Wholy WHAT!!!! 

 Wow wow wowww!!!! 


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