My nails did… And much needed

Soo much needed! Getting my nails done is the best me time I get and I love!  Ohh do it wish I cod have me time every two weeks. But sadly not enough time or money to do so. It is really good that my nails last 3-4 weeks. Just enjoy it and would love to every two weeks.

The last 3 maybe. 4 times I have been stuck on a baby light blue. 

  It was just to cute. 

I go to either Jackie or Hai. Jackie always just dies what I want no questions. Hai’s all ‘are you sure… Why not try this?!’ Which is how I got started with the baby blue to begin with. As a result I have purple today 🙂 Which if course I love. I have lived my nails every time going to theses two every time but 1. And I did blog about that a while back. The dark pink… No no doesn’t look good on me! 


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