Trips are planned :)

Last year at this time, William and Billy went on their trip to Minnosota. Then were home a week and Cooper and I went on our trip to Durango. First time ever we have taken separate trips. It was fun and all but I like my family together. It just wasn’t possible to have the whole family go On Both trips that both needed to be made. This year it is possible πŸ™‚  


We are pushing then back a few weeks, for when the boys are out if school. And flipping them. So, 5 weeks from today we will be in Vegas for the night πŸ™‚ Friday is the boys last day of school. That day we are gonna drive to my Grandmas is Yerington. Then yes yes Vegas for the next nite.  Got the boys tickets to the Adventure Dome at Circus. Thru my My Vegas :)))  

 and Mike is getting us a room at the Rio. The next day driving to Meteor Crater 

 Cooper wanted to go here last year on our trip and we didn’t get a chance to so this year we will and with all my boys πŸ™‚ Then to The Grand Canyon πŸ™‚  

 We did go here last year but this year we are gonna try to camp. Fun fun time we haven’t done that since William was lil. Coop hasn’t πŸ™‚ Coop did have soooo much fi. Last year  

   And then next day off to my dads in Durango.  

 Don’t have the next few days completly planned out. Visiting and having a good time really. It is sooo beautiful in Durango. Excited to have William and Billy there with. Really wish I could see my dad and sisters more often. But glade we havw been able to go visit. Then Thurs dive to Salt Lake City . 

 My has family there. Stay Thurs nite. Visit and drive home on Fri. 

A fun week for sure:)

Home a week then we are flying to Minnosota on July 1st -7th.  

   Boys are wayyy excited to fly. They haven’t been on a plane since Williams Make-a-wish many years ago. 

Well it’s Minnesota and areas. Billys family is having a reunion.  Billy and William went last year but drove. While we are there we will be going to a Twins Game 

 And Mall of America 

 Sooo cool sooo fun πŸ™‚ 

It’s exciting because we are doing it all together this year. 

Two nights ago the flights were booked…. Whoo hooo!!!! So yep yep 5 weeks til the first

Exciting :))))


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