New trend in China?!?

Hiring Stripper at funerals… 

 “Residents used to hire local opera performers at funerals,” stated Chinese state media. “However, striptease dancers are gradually taking over, with local residents spending large sums of money to show them off to others.” 

In China, people believe a large crowd at a funeral rewards the dead greatly in their afterlife. The dead’s family book strippers to entice more people to attend the funeral.

WHAT!! Am I hearing this right haha well guess that’s one way to fill a funeral! 


Wow! Haha. 

And how am I just hearing about this?!? Now, when The Chinese government recently started banned strippers from funerals, protesting that the growing trend is uncivilized. I guess I’m not just up on my Chinese trends haha. 

Thought this was interesting enough to share today. Haha


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