17 days :)

17 days and we are off on our Durango Trip πŸ™‚  


No surprise but something’s have changed since the original planning. As they usually always do. When we leave on June 12th we were gonna drive to my grandmas and stay they night then drive to Vegas the next day. Well we got comped both Fri and Sat nite soooo Vegas for two nights Hummm yesss!!! How can I turn that down!!!! Any and everyone knows how much o LOVE Vegas. But I still want to still have to see my grandma so next weekend the 5th we are gonna go see her. And spend all day Sat with her πŸ™‚ its a better deal :))) Also, that Sun we were gonna camp in the Grand Canyon. Well that’s not gonna happen. I called to book the campsite and they have been booked at every campsite but first come first serve site for 5 months! 5 months WHAT! We won’t make it early enough to get a first come site. Maybe I should book next year now! Haha. I just need ta find a cheap hotel some where’s by now. Coops bummed cause he really wanted to camp. I never woulda thought 5 months a head. We didn’t even know the dates 5 months ago. Ohh well now we won’t have ta bring ALL the camping stuff. 

A year ago yesterday coop and I left with my brother and grandma. Pretty excited this year Billy and Willism will be coming.ady year was fun and all but way excited to be doing it as a family. Don’t like being with out Billy. But glad we both got to do the trips we needed last year. This year just lucky enough to do both trips together πŸ™‚ 

And at least I’m starting to feel a lil better. Pumping myself full of meds but hey as long as I can do the trip without throwing up every half hour it’s a plus πŸ™‚ 


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