May Bookstore Haul

 Yay!! A new bookstore haul πŸ˜‰ 

I do go to my bookstore at least every other week. I get a book here and there. But it seems like every other month I get mucho. An yayy. This month there were Marilyn books that I don’t have! Wayyy happy Jessica. So I’ll save those for last. Bestest for lastest..

Paper Towns 

 It’s from the #1 bestsling author if The Fault in our Stars. Which I got that book last haul and there is a movie and I hadn’t seen it yet. Which will be perfect. I love watching the movie after reading the book πŸ™‚ an only at $1.99

Pride and Prejudice   Why.. Because it’s a Classic!! My mom was telling me that the movie is sooo good. And that even she has read the book. I told her I had never done either….. She was shocked. Expecially  since I read sooo much. And it’s a love story I’m stuck! With only .99$ it’s a steal. 

I am Number Four  

 Okay okay.. Aliens are not my usual think! But they did make this into a movie and there are 5 books in the series. I am a sucker for series. And of course I haven’t seen the movie. So, love to read before seeing. A lil pricey and on a book I dunno 100% but it was $5.99. Please o please! My mom said it’s a great movie…. I did bring my mother to my bookstore today … 

The Marilyn Encyclopedia  

Ohh ohhh ohhh I loveeee… I am sooo excited when I see a Marilyn book at my book store. A big hard cover book that’s all and everything Marilyn. Is there anything better!!!! And a bonus plus one I don’t have!!!!  

 $7.99 well well spent! Love this sucker

Marilyn Monroe Platinum FOX  

Ohhhh ohhh and the best deal EVA…. $2.99… Holy eff balls!!! Another auhmazing big hard cover Marilyn book I don’t have…. Yet now dooooo. Love love lovey…

Last week went and got  

 Spelling it like it is

She was free πŸ™‚ I had a free book card πŸ™‚  I like Tori Spelling books I have a few others of hers.


 it was .99$ movie day. Romeo+Juliet, Home Fries, Shaft, Alpha Dog, Adam Sandler, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, My Girl

Movies at my bookstore yes yes but it was .99$ movie day. And still only spent $7 bucks. 

So the other day I spent 

$7 -movies

Yesterday I spent

$1.99 -Paper Towns

.99 – Pride and Prejudice

$5.99 -I am Number Four

$2.99 – Marilyn Encyclopedia

$7.99 – Marilyn Platinum FOX


$20 yesterday 

$7 movies the other day =

$27 this month 

Not bad not bad. Have spent more for less. I love books. I love to read. And there’s just some movies worth having. And for .99$ nice. 

A happy haul makes for a happy Jessica πŸ™‚


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