May Book Store Haul #2

WHAT! Yes it’s true!! 1 book store hauls in one month WHAT! Haha. I had an awesome haul on Tuesday. And another yesterday. I usually don’t go to the bookstore every other day haha. But the werehouse salestarted  yesterday and I hadn’t gone. Sooo just needed ta. 


6 books for only .99$ ea. all for under $6 yippee!!!! Old Hollywood and Marylin!!! Eeekkk!!!!

L.A. Candy

I kept seeing this book. And even have picked it up a few times almost gona buy a few times. But always put it down.  Sooo yay finally got it. Lauren Conrad. 

The Help  

The movie was alright. My grandma said the book is real good. So I shall see.

Dear Mrs. Kennedy  

This is totally cute. It’s all full of different letters to Jackie O. It’s real cute. Sadly no letter from Marilyn saying I slept with your hubby… Haha… Sorry ‘might have’ 

50 Most Unforgettable Leading Men  50 Most Unforgettable Leading Ladies 


These are both awesome and definitely books worth having. Love me some Old Hollywood. And leading men.. Yay didn’t have like at all or even close. 

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe    

I am wayyyy so excited about this book. I have actually been looking for this book for a few months. It was one I know I didn’t have. And the mini series that starts tomorrow is based on this book. So a happy happy Jessica right now. And only .99$ WHAT! Happy dance. 


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