Happy Birthday Marilyn 

89yrs ago the Legendary Marilyn Monroe was born. Norma Jean. 


89yrs wow. Can’t even imagine. I think that’s why she is Soo amazing. Definitely died to young. At 36yrs. Will always be forever young.  

There has been a lot of Marilyn lately. The mini series was yesterday and the day before. I’ll do a whole blog dedicated to that. But I will say I was presently surprised it was actually pretty good for a Lifetime movie. They usually screw things up on realize movies. Yes there were quite a few inaccuracies.  But but yep I’ll have another blog. 

From Norma Jean 


 Marilyn Monroe. 

Always beautiful and amazing.  

Happy Birthday Mr President  

Marilyn singing Happy Birthday to JFK just 3 months before she never woke you. With the guy announcing her as the ‘late’ Marilyn Monroe. Is a lil Errie. I know it’s because she was always late but was just Errie.


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