3 days 3 days

3 days til we’ll be spending the weekend in VEGAS! Yep yep the start of our first trip is in Vegas Baby! We will have the boys so it’s not like our normal Vegas trips. Buts I’m still sooo very excited. I lubs me some Vegas. Weird for me not having every thing planned for Vegas. But it will be fun to just fly by the seat of our pants πŸ™‚ hehe

Sunday we are off to the Grand Canyon. Still a lil bummed we weren’t able to camp. But all a good. I got a room in Flagstaff. A cheap room but all we need is a bed πŸ™‚ 

And Durango Durango til Thurday. Pretty excited to see my dad and sisters. And with Billy and Coop. 

Hopefully lots o fun will be had πŸ™‚ 

So I’m supposed to be the bad influence… I’m the big sister… Haha. But but Rachel has set appointments for her and I to get tattoos. Last year when she was here I took her to get piercings. Now she’s one uping it. Ohh ohh and I have no tattoos…. Eeekkk…. I of course have a few tattoo ideas that I do want but haven’t done. I started piercings and ALWAYS want more. Addicted! Love the pain. Yes yes I’m weird. Prob the main reason I have yet to get a tattoo. Will it be like percings?!?! Will I want more and more?!?! Will I get addicted?!?! Ohh geez! See I’m supposed to be the bad influence Hahaha. But soooo love Rachel being old enough that we can do things like this together πŸ™‚ only wish I got to see both her and Grace more than once a year…. 

I did get a room while we are in Durango. I know without a dought my dad woulda let us stay at his place. Just he has a cat and Billy prob wouldn’t be able to breath. No worries thou gotta good price on the 3 nites. 

Thursday we drive to Denver and Boulder CO. Never been to Denver before so why the hell not. And Lomax has a place in Boulder. Haven’t seen him in many many years. It’ll be nice to see him. Him and Billy have always been good friends so it will be nice. He offered to have us stay at his house so that’s cool. 

Friday drive to Salt Lake City. Billy has family there. So dinner and all with them. Stay the nite at Billy’s aunts. And drive home Saturday. 

What a fun packed week πŸ™‚ And that’s the first trip πŸ™‚ Pretty excited. Gonna have a blast I just know it. It’s pretty packed full yet with wiggle room. Meaning not every second is planned and set. It’s gonna be great. Sooo happy we get to do it all together this year. 

Need some time away with my boys. Love it!!


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