Vegas Bound!

whoo hoooo!!! Vegas Baby! Got out a lil later than we wanted to but.. So is life. I think that’s how it always ends up.  


Ohh Vegas how I love you. Gonna be a lil different with the kiddos but it will be fun. It wi be a different experience. Oct we went thru Vegas and saw Britney Spears Piece of Me. So not comely a different experience. But we will be there thru the weekend 🙂 I think we are gonna go to Fremont. Think the boys will like that. And we haven’t been since we stayed on Fremont a few years back and… Yeah never again. But goin to visit will be fun. 

Vegas, then Grand Canyon, and Durango :))))) 

Yippee yippee fun fun. 

Seemsike we have been planning this trip for ever and it’s now.. Now. 


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