Homeward bound

Well, our first trip is coming to an end. Just pasted Lovelock, gps says 85 miles!! 

Seems like the longest yet the shortest trip ever. I have sooo much to blog about. Every time I wanted to I either didn’t have the time or the service to. 

Great fun in Vegas, meteor creater, Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Durango, Silverton, Black Hawk, Boulder, and Salt Lake. Sooo many plane all in a week. Then we ate home for 10 days and flying out to Minnesota. I feelike I have sooo much to do before the next trip. I hope I’ll get the time to blog and blog about this trip 🙂 I’m actually shocked I have service enough to blog right now. My phone says it’s extended 1x with 3 bars. Well it’s letting my write. Let’s see if it will post. 

What a fun family trip 🙂 but def excited to be comin home;)

We will have drivin close to 3,000 miles this trip! And 6 states! Fun times fun times!


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