Thank you 

I just wanted to send out a thank you to everyone that commented on Billy’s updates while I was in the hospital the other night. It ment a lot and I appreciate it it sooo very much. I am still very weak and tired and my mind is still not right but am starting to feel better. Billy, his dad and my mom have been wonderful. I can’t thank them enough. I’ve gotta get back to myself. I’ve got to much to do than be down. 

It truly ment a lot! Thank you all. 

I’m prob gonna be majorly bombarding everything from blog to Facebook to Instagram with pics and more from our two trips. As soon as I can get my brain to think a lil more normal. Well normal for Jessica. This blog here has taking me almost 3 days to write:/ Like I said my heads all a mess right now. 

But I really am feeling better. Now just waiting on tests and referrals. Ohh life right 🙂 Sometimes your body just tells you you need to rest. That’s excatly what mine did. Now I just need to listen! 

Again, the biggest thank you to everyone ❤


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