Huston we have seizures

After days of be ending here, after days of breakdowns and days of going crazy…. My baby boy has started seizing. 

The most horrible thing to go thru, to witness to be worthless to and be helpless at.  

 I can do absolutely nothing to stop, nothing to help, just sit here and watch. As my heart breaks! 

But this is why we are here tough?!? This is what he’s admitted for?!?! I know it’s for the best and I know it’s all to help, it’s just…. My baby… And I’m helpless….

I had a kind a meltdown yesterday. I had to leave the room and just walk a bit. I couldn’t keep myself together. Which is definitely not what I want my son to see. Even Billy told my I needed to get my self together.easier said than done.

His video EEG machine stopped working yesterday, his Iv stopped working, all had to be fixed. That was an ordeal. The first I v they replaced he pulled out. The second worked better. He still tried pulling it by they caught him.  

 Talking all the probes off them bank on were difficult. But me made it happen.  

When we first got here it took 3 ppl to get the probes on. This time only her and I. My big guy. Going good!

He’s the one that’s amazing! I’m the basket case. I’m the one that can’t do anything to help!

But but… Hopefully with this seizures activity we will be a loud tonget time il to therabudic levelsand we will be on out way home Soo soon. Today if not tomorrow.

Then we will hopfuly have a plan on seizures and tumors.g 


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