Yes I said Florida! Yes I will be in Florida in 4 days!!! What!!!

 I kinda sorta forgot. Not really forgot just thought I wasn’t gonna get to go. Was gonna have to cancel. With all that is life. All that is William. And all that just flat out sucks recently. Also didn’t wanna get my hopes up for something that might not be. But William is out of the hospital and doing somewhat okay. We are just getting his med levels up and all that. But my mom and in-laws think it’s great to still go and have a lil away from life time. It is a business trip and we will be soooo busy but come on effin Florida! Billy goes every year and I boo hoo. But this year I get to go, this year I get to frickin go. 

So, for the reason. Every year there is a video game convention. One in March in Vegas and this one in November. I go every year to Vegas… Cause come on its Vegas and my birthday. But have never been able to go to Florida. I have never been and even thou we only have to pay for my plane ticket. Still couldn’t afford that. It’s like almost $600 round trip from here to Florida. And that was when we booked a few months ago. Billys work, just like in March to Vegas, pay for his flight, room, car and food. For the whole time. Pretty sweet deal. But this year with me working for A&S I get to goooo…. 

Like I said it is a business trip. Convention during the days and business dinners and drinks at nite 🙂 I’m down!!!! 

I get to go to the beach, and not like just the Cali beach. Like a frickin beach beach. You know what I mean it’s different. So I have heard anyways. This will be my first time. I will (hopefully) get to clear my head a lil. Billy said I’ll still stress and worry the whole time. But I gotta be me. 

I’m excited! 


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