I have gone purple

Ohh my goodness ohh my goodness!! Friday I got my hair did! Soo Soo soooo needed. Like you don’t know. I haven’t had my hair cut/colored in a year and 8 months. Really a year and 8 month. Not since March if 2013. Who does that?!?! In the last 5 year I have only gone to Janis for my hair at A Salon 7.  She is amazing and no one else touches my hair. But the reason it has been close to two years, is because, I normal blue the whole under if my hair blue. Last time my hair was not happen the blue left Soo fast and my hair broke off Soo much. So I was pretty much just letting my hair heal. 

I definitely wanted my hair did before Florida. ….. Which I leave today….. Eeekkkk!!!! I told Janis I just wanted to get highlights and sadly no fashion color. Even thou I loveee love the blue. But she tempted me. Hehe. Said she’ll have the blue just in case. Then of course to blue or not to blue was the question. 

It took 5 hours. Yes 5 hours and I didn’t go blue butttt ohh but but I did…., 

I went PURPLE!!! Ohh my goodness I have purple beautiful mermaid hair! 

I stuck with not having any fashion color under. Still letting it heal and all. Janis got this beautiful violet. And twisted my arm… Like it was to hard to talk me into it. Haha. It is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. There’s reall only about 5 chunks that she purples and it spread to the highlights as a ligh purple.  Could not be any happier. I am completely in love! Pictures don’t do it any justice. Love love love!!!

I already was planning on purple nails this month.  

It is Epilepsy Awarneness month. Got my nails did yesterday. Purpley beautifulness. 

I got all purpled out. I am Soo happy. Major me time. All before Florida. Needed needed. We leave in 6ish hours. Leave the house in 4. I Am Soo excited for this trip. I’m gonna be in Florida!!! Eeekkkk!!!!!! 

Okay I am still not ready so so I gosta go. 


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