Where did this year go?!?!

In just 2 days 2015 will be over! 

So much has happened and it has gone by faster than fast. The good the bad the ugly 2015 was what it was. And now we are off to 2016! What shall this year bring?!?! 

I am a lil disappointed with my self. I really wanted to get at least 10 blogs each month this year….. Yeah that didn’t happen! Life really got in the way. It is sad because I do feel better writing to myself. I just didn’t get the time sometimes. Well a lot of the time. A lot of the times of think to write I didn’t wanna be negative. Sadly I have been way negative this year. It’s been sad. When you are so negative and blah you just don’t wanna post about it. So I didn’t. I did post 77 times. Instead if the 120 for 10times12=120 Lufe you are one crazy bitch!!

So, with the close of 2015 we will be going to Edge! Pretty awesome actually. It’s one of the last times it will be open before they remodel. With stupid LEX let gotsa upgrade. 

Well, here’s to good things in 2016….. Nice try Jessica…. But I already know what’s to come!! 

At least here’s to blogging to myself of the ohh Jessicaness of this next year! 



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