I ordered and got this a few weeks ago. Just with life and all happening I hadn’t been able to share. And share it anywhere too. Fb, Twitter, Instagram no where. So today is the day…..

There is the beautifulness in all her glory! Grav3yardgirl is one of my favorite YouTubers.she released a book but not just any  book. A paper doll book. What just how awesome. I absolutely loved paper dolls growing up. So this is just a really cool thing. It comes with (2) dolls of herself and quite a few of her favorite outfits. (34) With each outfit there’s a description of where the clothing is from and where she wore it.   Just a really cool awesome thing. 

Plus Bunny even personally signed each copy. 

Yes I’m a dork but m a happy dork! Haha I will not be cutting and playing paper dolls thou. Gonna keep it all in tact. How could I not. 

I am book crazy if anyone knows me you would know this. So this will be right with all my specials 😁

I did order it thru her Swamp Family Merch. Like $12 or something like that. Not bad at all. Very worth it! 

Glade I was able to help give an alligator it’s wings



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