With every end of one year and begin of another we all have New Years Resolutions. Everyone. Even if you call it something different or just have a life plan you want to carry out. I know I do and I’m truly upset with myself when they don’t work or I for so reason or another I fail, I do not stick with it, or flat out don’t!! It is upsetting because there is always a reason why you made that resolution made that goal. And when you fail… It just sucks. This year I am really going to try to stick with these. Normally I have a simply goal of weight or some thing like that and end up failing. This year will be a lil different. I will have (5) that’s right (5) resolution/ goals. And they each have wiggle room. 

Yep see wiggle room!

1) Blog more. Last year I wanted to blog at least 10 blogs every month. Life just flat out happened and nope that did not happen. I did blog 80 times in 2015. So really if you look at it that way I was only 40 short of the 10 monthly. So, this year I just wanna blog more. It does make me feel better. So I guess more meaning more than last year. Not a set amount, not a set number just more.– wiggle room–

2) Family Time. My kids are growing up sooo fast to fast. I don’t want them to have grown up and feel like we missed out. I can’t I won’t let that happen!!! I’d give my kids everything if I could. I want them to remember that. Plus there might be a lil change to our family Billy and I are looking into but… You never know. I love my family 💙 

3) Save money. Yes that’s always easier said than done. This last November I went with Billy to Florida. For a video game convention. I really wanna take the boys. This was the first year I went. Billys work sends him every year. It was so much fun and I just know the boys would love it!!! So I really want to save enough money to take them with us. I stared the 52 week money challenge,let’s see haha. $1 the first week $2 the next and so on and so on. Hopefully I’ll be about to keep it until Florida. But with money thou you never know when something happens and you need it. So at least having a lil back up is great. 

4) Get Better. This really is a crazy one. And it actually goes for myself and my son. William as many know has been digonoised with a brain tumor. And his seizures are uncontrollable. We have been back and forth to Lucielle Packard Children’s hospital. And we will be there again in 4 days. This is the week we decide what our next step is. We meet with the neuro surgeon and ts specialist. I’ll definitely have more details on him soon. Horrible waiting  game. And myself. I hate talking about my shit I really do. And with everything with William I put myself on the back burner. But if I don’t take care of myself who will take care of my family! I’ve been sick for longer than I can admit. Doctors doctors doctors in sick of seeming doctors. They want to do a major surgery on my stomach. Major :/ I know I need to do it. I know I need to stop. And I will. First things first, William this week at Standford!!! 

5) More Family Adventures. This also goes along with Family time I guess. But Family time can also mean staying home and watching movies or something. By Family Adventures I mean like, this last year we drive to Colorado, flew to Minnesota, saw a Twins game, and just had family adventures. I want them to continue I need them to continue. Life is to short and the boys are growing to fast and…. I just need this. I want them to remember the good times. 

So, there’s my 2016 goals. A lot intertwine but that way I really don’t think I can fail. I also have a lot family related. I can’t fail my family I won’t fail my family. 



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