My Lynnsey

Ohh ohh ohh got to see my Lynnsey the other day. It’s been to long it’s been far far to long. Miss my Lynnsey! Wish I got to see my bestest friend more often. She flew in Sunday and picked a dive bar to meet up with any and everyone who wanted to see her. Nothing was gonna stop me from seeing my bestest. Drew and Crissy came. Just fun times drinkin at a dive bar at 2 in the afternoon haha

Crazy enough I’ve never been to Shooters. Right in the middle of my downtown and I had to gps it. But it was a cute lil bar. Nice bartender, good drinks and good prices. It is just a cash bar thou. But all good. Best part was had a great time with great friends. 

My Lynnsey!!! Really do wish I got to see her more often. Was really trying to make it to see her tonite in Tahoe. But dunno if we will be able to. We leave tomorrow to Palo Alto for William. But there is supposed to be a big winter storm today. Dunno dunno if we can make it happen and still make it to Stanford tomorrow :/ I shall see. 

Well anyways it really was great seeing my Lynnsey even only for a few hours. Really needed my bestest time. Lubs you my bestest friend. 

Anyways there’s an angel flying over your head saying smile if you’re Horny because it’s a girl thing. 

Love, peace and goldfish 


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