Fisherman’s Wharf ’16

Another fun day after doctors appointments in Stanford. Just walking on the Wharf. San Francisco is only like an hour from Palo Alto. Boys would like in April when we go back to go on a boat tour. Bridge to bridge or something like that. The boys really wanted to this trip but. William can only do so much fun. Haha. 

Watching the Sea Lions on Pier 39. Always fun. 

There is a submarine you can tour. Pretty cool.

Another good idea to do next trip. We go back for more doctors appt. April 1st. There was a sign that said no heels. I though was pretty funny. Right by where the submarine was probably on of the coolest museums we have ever been to. (How in the heck did I not get any pictures, not even one, who am I?) It was an arcade video game museum. Billy was in heaven. Games from the 1800 and the thing is every single game worked. Was way cool. Def a place we will have to go back and take pics!!! 

Times to remember! I really hope they will. 


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