Atlantis Staycation

Every year we try and have at least one Staycation at the Atlantis. Love the Atlantis first of all. With the indoor pool it’s perfect for the boys. They loveeee to swim.  

It was Williams birthday day so we kept the boys out of school Friday. William really had a rough week. I bet the teachers did a happy dance…. That’s really sad to say :/ But man he really did have a tough week. And it was already a short week. 

Usually on our Staycation Billy works so the boys swim and I sit pool side with a dink and a book… Well kinda like this…. 

So yeah that still did happen but, Billy had off so I did really read the whole time. Which was still real nice. Time with my baby. And we actually swam with the boys. A lil big at least 😁 Coop was excited. I used to love to swim too. Dunno really when that stopped. Still live the pools till love being pool side and all just not as much swim swimming. If you know what I mean. 

Freakin dare devil Coop! It’s only like 3-4 feet deep and this dudes flipping. Ohh my child my child. 

All in all in was as fun time. Family time. Lil birthday for William. And just a Lil get away. 



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