It’s 50 days til VEGAS!

My countdown usually starts at the 50 day mark for some reason. But…. Eeekkkk… 50 days til Vegas Baby! I always have my countdown. I love it it’s fun. Unless it’s not really a planned Vegas trip or not really a Vegas Vegas trip. But this is me annual 23rd birthday 😉 yippee. Ohh ohhhh I soo do love Vegas!!! 50 days baby. 


Was excited was gonna be in Vegas in my ‘actual’ bday this year. (That’s only happened once) but no no such luck…. It’s okie thou. We will be there Mar 15-19th. So not being there on my birthday birthday just means we won’t miss the leprechaun crawl 😁

Plane tickets were bought like two weeks ago. Of course Billys work paid for him. But I got mine early early this year whoo hoo. When we when to Florida in Nov and had plane issues we got $200 in credit. So my flight was only $49ish. Coo ness. 

Tue-Thursday we are staying at the Linq.   

We have never stayed there and and….. Pretty excited because….. We have a poolside cabana room. Which means we have a poolside cabana all day/nite. Open the door and will be in the cabana and and a cocktail comes by to take bar/drink orders. How freaking awesome will this be. Well I’m thinking any ways :)))) we shall see. The only thing it’s gonna gonna be weird not being up with a view in Vegas. Gonna be a different experience. Whoo hoo. Love that we can always have new and different experiences every year. 

I still need to get a room for Friday nite. Billy got the other nites covered. Which is always sooo freakin nice. I will get Friday. Probably Excalibur or Luxor. I will use my My Vegas. It will get covered or at least discounted. I love My Vegas. I’ll have ta blog about My Vegas some time. 

As always I’ve still got some, well lots o planning to do. But that’s always fun. 

-Amusement Expo show. (The reason Billy goes every March and why it’s paid) Thsnk you Amusement Expo and playing arcade games. Fun times.

-Pool pool pool cabana time. 

-Business dinners. Sooo fun! Amazing food fantasy drinks. Yummm.

-Mermaids. Definitely a must every . Always always now a must to go see the mermaids now. Love mermaid. Who doesn’t. Who doesn’t want to BE a mermaid. Okay maybe just me… Hehehe. 

-Thursday nite and Friday nite we will go to a club. Just gotta see which ones I wanna  😁😁 yippee!!!

Man I really do have sooo much planning to do! But I’ve got 50 days to do so… Eeekkk 50 days til Vegas!


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