Shampoo Vent!

Yes this may be a weird thing to vent about but… Urghhhh…

Here I go! 

Billy tells me when he needs shampoo. We aren’t even gonna talk about what Kind of shampoo he used its just my so embarrassing. But he does have nice soft hair… Okay okay I’m getting off topic Haha. Okay so, he tells me when he only has about a third left. Usually takes me a few days to a week ish to get new. Anyways, I got him new shampoo today and as I was putting it in his shower dumb ass me drops the damn new bottle and the lid busts. Of course clumsy ol me. Thought I’d pot as much as I could into the new bottle from the old and swoob lids. Like I said there was still about 1/3 ish left. Really didn’t think to to much would fit in the new bottle but I’d try a Lil at least. 

About 8 minutes later every drop was poured into the new bottle and still room. Which means the new bottle of shampoo was not even close to full. Brand spanking new and a third if not more empty. Crap! Just crap I say!! Bottles already are getting smaller and prices are going up and now products are not close to being full. Bologna….

Wouldn’t even have known if I wasn’t ‘me’ and dumb and clumsy and dropped the bottle to begin with. 

Dunno why it ticked me off so much haha but it did! Vent over hehe


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