Kaley robbed on Lip Sync Battle… 

No dough no dough Keley Cuoco is one of my fav actress. Love her. She is Penny on Big Bang. She was just on Lip sync Battle and was amazing. 

First she came out in this….  

Freaking totally cute!!! Lip singing Move Bitch get out the way…. I love this outfit. I feel like I wore this outfit like everyday in high school freaking loveeeee…. 

Then then freaking then…. She stole the show… Okay this is crazy Jessica talking but I freaking LOVED!!!!! IT!!!!!!

I’m a Slave for you are you kidding me!!!!! Eeekkkk…. Killed it just killed it. I just completely loved it. She def did Brit justice. Even looked kinda like her. 

I’m thinking yes I’m thinking yes!!! 

As most know I love Britney Spears and not much she does I’ll ever disagree with or think is wrong. But when another celeb does something Brit I get WAY excited. So this wayyy auhmazing! Eeekkk….. 

The only thing I think she shoulda won. She really should a won. I mean come on Kaley you lost to Olalf… Haha and a Donald Trumped Olalf. Lip singing to I touch myself. I do admit Josh Gad was really really funny. Even cam in on a wreaking ball of money. Was quite funny I do say.

But I still say my vote was for Kaley for the win 😊 It was definitely one of the best Lip Sync Battles. Love this show. 

This episode and the Channing Tatum vs. Jenna Dewan Tatum prob the two best ever. The Tatum one …. Ohh that would need its own whole blog. Great great. 

Also a whole nothet blog would be about how much I HATE  and I really mean HATE Chrissty Teigen. Man oh man I really truly can’t stand here. But like I said this is for another blog. In other things. I love loveeee. LL Cool J. Always have. He has always been at the top for me.   
If you haven’t seen Lip Sync Battle you should. Great show. I lubs it :))))))


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