Goodbye January!

Man, it really seemed like January drug on and on right?!?! Or was it just me?!?! Either way this year has already been entirely to long and it’s just the start of the second month!  Yikes!

Here’s to hoping Febuary will will a less filled month and a less stress filled month. Fingers are crossed anyways right 😊 

Ohh I wish I could be sleeping right now… But nooooo…. Wide awake. I could get up and clean, or that’s just crazy talk my toast warm bed would miss me hehe. Plus it’s nice and quite at 3:am if I get up the boys hear me and all is over. My quite stops. I just wish I could sleep later than 3:am some Mornings it would be nice. But no no. It is me time though me and me. But if I could some how swing it to be quite and get my coffee and a book it’d be perfect 😁 

I don’t think we have as many things jammed into Feb as we did in January so that’s a good thing. I hope. My moms getting ready to move, I’ve going to get my stomach fixed, and Vegas is in 50 days but that’s all!!!! 

Man oh man my mind is jumbing all over the place the early morning!!!! 

Well I is gonna go play some world chef. Then who knows what. I prob will blog a of Vegas later like I said 50 days and sooo much has happened since the last blog at 50. Ohh geez. Yep def needs its own blog. 

Good nite good morning good what ever its 3:30am!!!!!


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