The last few weeks have been crazy…. Crazy busy. You name it and it’s most likely happened. Ohh man life!!  

I have probably started about 10-15 blogs and something happened or came up or… Life and they didn’t get posted and by the time I got back to them it was way over or I just didn’t feel it any more. I will end up blogging about some of those things and topics just really when I have the time. Between doctors, appointments, William, Cooper, acting, LA, auditions, movies, my mom, sick, life, I can go on and on…. Yikes. Life. Doesn’t get easier. And I seem to always add more and more. Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t thou. So excited for Veges in 3 weeks needed more than anything. My mom bought a house… Seems crazy to say… She actually closed on the house today!! But, she bought a house in Fernley. So in 3 weeks when I go to Vegas in gonna pull the boys from school. They are gonna stay with her in Fernley. Fingers are crossed William will be somewhat okay!! 

See I mean so much has happened my mom bought a freakin house!! She has lived with me for so long for so many years and… Weird! Life life!! 


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