Only 2 weeks til Vegas

That’s right that’s right 2 weeks. 14 days!!! I don’t think I’ve blogged about Vegas since 50 days and ohh how soo much has changed! Firstly, well mainly, where we are staying. Bummed too cause I was excited. Was gonna stay at the Linq. In a cabana room. Rooms were booked like 60ish days out and everything. But they tried screwing us. And when we got a confirmation and stuff. It wasn’t for the room we booked. After fighting back and forth for days and them trying to charge us even more. We just flat out cancelled! So the search was on for a new place to stay. And not just any place. Because, every year we get to stay at a new different place. That’s the cool neat fun thing about our March trip. My birthday trip. It’s awesome we get to do and try new things at a place we go to every year. Love it!!! 

Do, with help from My Vegas and looking around we are staying at Vdara. 


In an awesome suite! For cheaper and it’s just amazing.  

So back to being excited 🙂 

Holy two weeks til Vegas!!! Eeekkkkkk!!!!


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