Dear George… Filming starts soon

A few weeks back Cooper was at it again. Tried out for another movie and got a part!! Soo proud of my guy!!! He is only 10yrs old and going to ‘be’ somebody!   

He did try out for young George but they went with a much younger cast. But he is Dougie the skater kid. Which I mean come on fits him perfectly!! 

Yesterday was a costume/wardrobe meeting. So exciting 🙂  Start shooting in a Lil over a week. Right before I go to Vegas. And the craziest thing g I’m gonna be a featured extra… Haha. Man it’s been a while since I have done anything. Pretty cool it’s something Coop and I as truly doing together. 

Really proud of Cooper. I never have pushed him to do any of this. This is something HE wants. I will do everything I can to help him be who he wants. This is his 3rd movie he will be in. Third!!! My baby is only 10 yrs old and… Really can’t be prouder. 

The day he had this audition he also had another and killed it too. And big things are happening g for him. I’ll have to blog about IN also. 

But… Man this kid! My hero! 


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