7 dayssss 7 days til Vegas Baby!!

Whoo hoo that’s right just 7 seven days just 1 week.  And I’ll be in VEGAS!!!! I’m just a tad bit excited… Just a tad! Ohh I love Vegas!

 Vegas Vegas Vegas…. Ohh so much fun you are. Vegas Vegas Vegas …. Ohhhh soo much needed you are. Vegas Vegad Vegas… Ohhhh how I love you sooo!!!! 

There really is no other way to spend your annual 23rd. Than in Vegas. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love it! Love it! Love Vegas! 

Love I get to do and try new things each year. Yet I still get to do the things I love. Vegas is an awesome place that way. Love it!! 

Always new awesome clubs I can get into. Always new awesome places to see and visit. Always fun alone time. Which is well well needed!! I do love going to the show with Billy but man o man I do love my me time. My time just walking the strip and doing me. Just going to the spa and having nothing and no one! Pure amaziness!!!! 

I haven’t even pinned down which clubs I wanna go to. Which is crazy for me! I usually have that all down. Just life has do happened lately. But I’m not gonna stess about it. Because I know it will all fall into place, it will. If always does. Man no one knows how much I need this Vegas trip!  

Ohh Vegas ohh Vegass!! I shall see you in only 7.. 7..7 days…..


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