Vegas Vegas VEGAS today!!!!


Yeppers leavin for Vegas in about 5ish hours. Ohh and sooo beyond needed. 


Today thru late Sat I shall worry about nothing but drinks, a good time, and I’m in fucking Vegas  Baby!!! Really with life and all the craziness I need and soo look forward to my birthday week in Vegas. Awesome I get to. Even with my mom getting her own house and movin out she is stayin at my with the boys so nothing changes for them. It’s great. 

On the list this trip is-

I wanna go to a show. Which one we shall see. 

See my Mermaids.. Of course 😍

Pool time, Spa Time, Me time, Jessica Time!

Strip, convention, all that. Billy has to go by some arcades. 

Clubs. Marquee is a must. Last year was sooo fun. Then another too just haven’t pinned it down. 

Yummy dinners!!!!! 

Drinks drinks drinks. Ohh did I say drinks!! 

So really not as a packed schedule as l usually have. But yayy!!! 

So as is me I still have some things to do this morning before we leave. I am all packed thou so whoo hoo!!! But we are off as soon as the boys are off to school. Then watch out Vegas! 


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