Back from Vegas, back to reality… 

  Ohh it’s never long enough… Ohh it’s always a blast.. Ohh how I love Vegas!!! Every time too I’m like I’m gonna blog about everything I’m gonna gonna. I do a few things then life happens and more life… Then all the sudden it’s time to plan the next trip! Haha. But this year I will!!! So the next few days I shall be blogging a bit… Please life let me do this jags. 

It’s crazy cause the last few years and flights we have going anywhere have been a crap fest. So we were expecting nothing but this time. Even thou flying to Vegas is sooo easy. 54 min flight. Easy. But somehow seems to fucker up. This year I’m coming prepared  

That is right you can bring alcohol on the plane now. Lil bottles. As long as they are under 4oz or something like that. So me bringing 8 with me on an hr flight they don’t blink an eye…. Sweet!!! Watch out Vegas! Plus I really was expecting some sorta issue. Per the usus. 

No issues no problems. Other than our own cause we were dinkin around at the Atlantis before. But made it just in time for our flight. They had to test my medication because it was more the 3.4oz but the 8 bottles of booze no problem!!!! Haha

   Smooth good flight and 

And we had a stack of these so I didn’t even have ta pull out my bottles. Just enjoyed drinks and read my book.  

Well my drinks and Billys…. Some ppl just can’t handle Vodka! 

Great great start to a great week…



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