Really such an amazing beautiful place we stayed. Probably the best place place we have stayed at hands down.  

It is on the Strip but a lil back. Part of the City Center. There is no parking you have to valet. And there is no casino. Every room is a suite and just amazing. If it wasn’t for The Linq trying to screw us and ‘My Vegas’ we prob wouldn’t even have stayed here. Now I can’t wait to stay here again. 

When I explain it being the best place we have stayed I just might sound like a kid in a candy store… Or maybe a Jessica in a Vodka shop… Either way haha… It is a Forbes 4 star hotel and really the lil things are definitely way! Atlantis (where Billy works) is trying to become Forbes 4 star. So it was a lil recon for him as well.  


Like I said before there is no parking, self parking. You have to valet. Which is actually really nice. You don’t have to worry about where you parked ( and in Vegas that’s a good thing haha no leaving your car saying couldn’t find a meter.. Here’s $4 haha) They open your car doors EVERYTIME and greet you with your name. Shockingly most even got our last name right! Which really rarely happens. (When I married Billy he said I’d get used to Tiehm, yeah just about 15yrs later still no not yet ha) Then open the hotel doors. And this happened EVERYTIME. 

Why we didn’t get a pic of the view during the day is beyond me… 

It was a beautiful beautiful view. And you look down and it was the pool. But the weird thing the pool closed at 6:pm. Billy said because there were no lights. But beautiful. You pressed a button and the blinds went down and up. Pretty pretty coo. 

There was a full kitchen. One nite we went to A Prime rib place. Ohh so much food. We had soo much food left. We asked for silverware. The sent up while place settings within 15 mins. Was great.  

Mini bar was stocked. Never stayed at a lace with a stocked mini bar. Didn’t touch anything of course because didn’t wanna spend $45 on a small bottle of vodka when I had many in my bag. Or what ever the prices were haha. Didn’t look haha. There was a wine bottle opener in the room so we went to a Walgreens that’s on the strip (plus a vendor gave me two bottles) and got wine. How could I not with a tub like this….. 


Just was callin my name. Needed a glass of wine and a book. Trust me it’s what I did every morning. 

And wine in the morning.. Yes humm Vegas! And I had 3 bottles haha. Couldn’t bring them home so yep yep!! I’ve said this before I could live off of wine, vodka and coffee. My week in Vegas it’s what I do 🙂 

Had my wine in the room that was covered. There was a Starbucks downstairs. Which I visited every morning of course. Vodka is definitely what I drink when I’m out. There is this bar/lounge downstairs. And it’s the lil things I loveee  

First of all its Goose mhmmm Goose I’m a sucker for goose. Then the cranberry comes in a craf. Ohh I love!!! The best way I have ever had a vodka cran. And nothing will ever compare. Ohh the lil things that pull at my heart!! I’m such a werido I know it. Haha  

 Just amazing!!!! 
Great experience definitely a place worth staying 🙂 


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