Definite a jaw dropping experience. Mainly because. We have been to Pure. Pure was the nightclub that used to be in the same place before. But ohh how it has changed!!! Into a three-level venue covering 75,000sqft and including an outdoor terrace with a wide panoramic view of the Strip. The club is so big it not only more than doubles the size of PURE, but it also takes over the former poker and World Series tournament rooms at Caesars Palace and where Pussy Cat Dolls where. Like I said jaw dropping! We will say I was impressed haha! 

We went on a Tuesady. I know some great promoters so get in cut the line and all that jazz. Anyways we went on a Tuesday and of course go there early cause it’s what I do. If I’m not early in late…. A whole other topic… Opened at 10. I was gettin in at 10. But they were setting up the queuing areas and I was like really on a Tuesady. I know this is Vegas and all but.. Lines after lines after lines. Like I said I know some auhmazing promoters and we get right in in front on the line. Awesomeness. First they have us go up on the outdoor terrace. Beautiful beautiful over looking the Strip.


Then… Freakin then, you go into the main freaking club!!! Wow!!!   

Soo many ppl jammed on that dance floor, soo beautiful, just WOW!! Definitely not Pute anymore. 

 Not at all what I was expecting after being to pure. The have definitely gone all out and wow..I know I keep saying that but, haha. 

 Definitely a club I recommend and definitely a club I will be back to.
So packed on this dance floor! Was awesome!

Nervo was there. Which was freakin awesome cause they were on the Femme Fatale tour with Britney Spears in 2011. I saw. Soo whoo hoo!! 

We left around 2ish am and man o man all the queing lines were forever long and packed there’s no way all those ppl were gonna get in! And to think I was thinking really on a Tuesday going in, then coming out like yep their not gettin in! Haha! I was just shocked and impressed!!! 

Great great nite great great experience great great club! I will be back 😉


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