Soo happy it’s Monday!

And Monday coming off Spring break! Never been soo happy for a Monday!! 

Spring break being two weeks is killing me!! Not only me but the boys as well. It’s hard on William being different. Being off schedule is not cool for him at all. Then he woke up to seizures…. I’m like NOOOOO!!!!!  But after he actually woke up woke up he hasn’t had a seizure since soooo fingers are crossed I won’t be getting a call (there’s no fingers crossed emoji huhhh….) 

Just because the kids are on Spring Break doesn’t me my everyday crazy busy life stops! And man oh man bringing them along made everything 100 times more difficult. Coops nice and helps as much as he can but both spot I had to pull him off his Xbox. Not understanding why he can’t just stay home. Because you are 10! That’s right only 20 years old!! Get some pants on and get in the car!!! Haha!!! Ohhhh…… 

So Coop gets up this morning and had homework! Are you flippin kidding me! You’ve had two weeks TWO WEEKS off and you wait till the morning of school!!! 

Breath Jessica!!! Breath!!!! 

Anyways…. Happy happy Monday everyone! Happy Monday 💋


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