Silverton Mermaids!

No Vegas trip is complete without seeing the mermaids!!

(Yep I’m still finishing my Vegas blogs!! I’m gonna do it damn it!)

So, last year was the first year I knew about the mermaids at the Silverton. And was a must!!! Had to go. Made my life!! Love mermaids. Always wanted to be a mermaid as a kid. Crazy weird but I did. So seeing the mermaids was like making my childhood. I had a pretty interesting childhood. Didn’t really go many places so never woulda been able to go to a place to see one of my favorite things. A whole different topic so just gonna back right out of that and get back to the mermaids. Sooo mermaids. As any and everyone know I have a countdown to Vegas and a list of to do’s every year. The cool thing about Vegas there always are cool new things to do. So when I found out about the mermaids it was a no brainier… A definite must!!! Amazing amazing experience. So of course this year again it was a must!!!

 Just awesome!  My inner child just screams. 


This was a different girl than last year… Come on Jessica it was a year ago… But it was nice to see a different. But….

 But definitely for sure a must every Vegas trip. Silverton isn’t right on the Stip. it is a ways away. But we usually have a rental so it’s worth it. 

 The whole tank is beautiful. As you can see in my video, the fish wanted to be the center of attention haha. 

It was sooo packed this year. What I woulda given to see this as a lil girl! Wow!!


 Look at those kids soo excited! Loved it! 

  I just love it! I coulda stayed there for hours watching. 

Until next time beautiful mermaids until next time!  


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